In the current scenario, information technology has presented with many new avenues that can be used extensively for providing with the right hosting platform. The discoveries in terms of Internet technologies like advanced web browsers, virtualized servers, parallel computing and open source software have emerged as additional hosting resources benefiting the businesses in new ways. The technologies provided with the cloud web hosting platform have made the businesses more efficient and productive thus making business expansion easier. With the technologies offered with cloud web hosting, it has become management of complicated business functioning like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is simplified. Here is an insight on the main cloud web hosting technologies that complement the business operations.

Grid Computing

Grid computing symbolizes a distributed computing platform. The basic ides behind designing a grid is that the resources are not controlled by a central authority. These standardized interfaces are used for enhancing the computing and storage capacities over the Internet. As a result of grid computing, the computing power and data is distributed across the boundaries of the organization in the most safe way. The fundamental components of grid computing comprise of standardization, automation and the abstraction of the hardware. Basic concepts and technologies are used for designing the grid computing platform. Infrastructure-as-a-service is provided through grid computing, through the fundamental concept of system architectures that can be used as abstract virtual IT services. Moreover, the expansion of grid computing defines computing, storage and network capacity as per the requirements without much human interaction.


Virtualization is the integration of the hardware resources that distinguishes the operating system from the hardware, thereby increasing the level of flexibility characterized.

Two areas are the driving factors of virtualization in IT. First is the server consolidation, this manages the number of physical servers within a data center system. The second important area is the application virtualization, this function Is responsible for accelerating the deployment of applications; this is essential for increasing the flexibility of the company. Moreover, virtualization ensures optimum utilization of the IT resources that can be enhanced through an intelligent distribution of applications on the free resources at 70% – 90%, this also leads to higher affordability. A virtualization software facilitates the allocation of a physical server into multiple virtual and facilitates for the customers. In terms of cloud web hosting, virtualization is basically used in order to automate the user resources as required and provide more flexibility and efficiency; this will nor be possible without this technology and cloud web hosting platform.

Software as a Service / Open Source Software

The concept of Software-as-a-Service is one fo the main reasons for the popularity of cloud web hosting. These software applications can be accessed through a standard web browser, instead of purchasing the software and installing it on your local system. The internet technologies that are highly preferred include Apache, MySQL, development environments, frameworks such as Ruby, PHP technologies and Infrastructure such as Linux, Xen; they are all open sources and they enhance the efficiency of the cloud web hosting platform.

The cloud web hosting platform has become more efficient as a result of the technologies mentioned above. This hosting platforms redefines the hosting capabilities and raises the bar in terms of efficiency and power. The benefits of this hosting platform depends on the kind of webhosting company that you select. If the webhosting company is affluent with the latest technologies, then investment in such a cloud web hosting platform would surely yield good results for the business. Cloud server hosting is one of the most sought after hosting platform that is preferred by most of the businesses in light of the resources provided and technologies supported. Proper utilization of these technologies definitely means the most efficient business management and expansion.